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For over 30 years Tru – Thread has been manufacturing and supplying the full range of gauges to the Marine Market. All gauges are supplied with a UKAS certificate ensuring conformity to the required Standard, this applies to both new and used gauges submitted by the customer for calibration.

The Scuba Diving Trade is supported with a comprehensive range of gauges and an efficient calibration service is offered to our Customers, minimizing disruption to our Customers inspections and production processes.

Tru-Thread also supports Oil and Gas Contractors involved with subsea oil operations, this includes amongst others, the manufacture and supply of new and re-calibration of, the full range of Back Pressure Valve gauges.

A Selection of Supplied Gauges:-
• BS 341
• DIN 477
• ISO 228
• ANSI/ASME B1.20.1
• METRIC BS 3643

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