Transportation Cases

Plastic Cases

Master and working gauges are a considerable investment not taking into account the loss of production time and inconvenience caused where damage or deterioration occurs. To prevent incidences of unplanned loss of productivity and the expenditure for replacing damaged gauges we can supply fully lined plastic cases.

These cases are ideal for hostile environments where gauges are being stored or transported and where they may come into contact with salt water, fresh water, sand or other corrosive and erosive elements.

The cases are water proof to Defence Standard 81-41 Level J : STANAG 4280 (Edition 2) : Conformity with the Directive 2002/95/EC, and IP67 Dustproof. These cases offer the very best protection in the most adverse environments. The cases themselves are very durable for service longevity and can have identification labels attached so that gauges can easily be traced and retrieved when required.

Flight Cases

Flight cases offer excellent protection against damage in transit with fully foam lined interiors, ideal for the larger gauges where weight becomes a factor. The boxes have twin handles recessed on the outside faces so that the boxes can be lifted by two people to share the load, and with the handles recessed the boxes can still be stacked side by side for ease of storage. The boxes have rigid plastic sides reinforced at the edges by formed aluminium sections to give strength without excessive weight this construction makes them shower proof and dust resistant to withstand most environments encountered during transit.

Aluminium Storage Containers

Used for the transit of multiple gauge sets, these containers offer strength and light weight. Foam lining gives impact shock resistance and protection against damage during transport and storage.

The bodies and lids have rubber seals to make the containers shower proof, twin handles for ease of movement, stacking locators on the corners and a lid retaining strap to protect the hinges to give service longevity. These containers offer an excellent low cost solution for multiple gauge transport with protection against handling damage.

Wooden Boxes

The most widely used container for gauge transit, low cost and reliable given good handling is maintained. Not recommended for hostile environments but perfectly suitable where the container is protected during transport and storage from adverse weather conditions. Vacuum sealed bags can be incorporated to give additional protection from water ingress.

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